The 12 Spheres

Miasaki's list


Bag of Flour-like dusty substance (Flour?)

Sticks of Chalk

Sticks of Charcoal


Small case of assorted tools (Hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc ) Sewing Kit (Scissors, needles, thread, etc – suitable to repair clothes, tents, leather)


Hand Mirror


Safety Matches, coated with wax so they will light when wet (are they available?)

String and Twine

A small bell

Scroll Tubes

Small Bag of Pebbles

Small Glass Vials (waterproof and sealable – will hold samples of liquids)

Pencil/paper or Quill/ink/scrolls etc

Flash Powder


Extra empty sacks

++++++Standard List Rations and Utensils

Backpack or carying case

Tallow Candles

Wax Candles

Lantern (Candles will fit inside)

Clothing:++++++ Outfit including boots, pants, skirt, top, cloak, hat/hood

Spare Outfit




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