The 12 Spheres

Note to Miasaki

To Miasaki,

Thank you for your concern. Your insight does you credit. Let me tell you that indeed my home and offices have been targets of an attack. All of which were repulsed. And some of the assailants were captured. Most are unfortunately deceased now, perhaps I should say currently. I will advise you to be careful as well as I concur with your estimation of the enemy’s next logical course. Given what I know of there travel capabilities I can assure you that you will reach Freeport with no further trouble from them. However, they will arrive shortly after you do, perhaps two days at most. In your favor, they will have as difficult a time finding you in the ruins as you will finding the areas of interest that you seek. Freeport is a morass of rubble, very easy to get lost in and very easy to hide in. My advice is to hide from the enemy as well as possible.

As to the whys and wherefores. I believe the goal is not to find something in Freeport. Indeed, as you have surmised, our enemy knows the town well and could no doubt wander by memory through the streets. As you suggested, he is indeed that old.

I believe rather that the enemy’s goal is to stop US from finding something. Something hidden long ago that is precious and /or dangerous to the enemy’s long vampiric existence.

The enemy will no doubt be aware that you will have succeeded in reaching Freeport. The target therefore will be squarely upon you. The enemy will make another attempt upon my domicile , I am sure. But my main concern is for your safety. As I have said before. Hide. “Burrow” deep into the ruins, “lose” yourselves within them. Lay low. Find me those white candles and I will join you. Find yourselves some weapons in the armory. Arm yourselves with the secret knowledge in the hospital. Do NOT get captured. Specifically you. If that means running when the others are in peril then I expect that from you. Whatever this creature is going to such trouble to keep hidden is worth the cost of finding it. Not for just the lost knowledge, But for the chance of destroying or at least de-fanging a great evil.

My charge to you is be safe and be successful. And bring me to you.




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