The 12 Spheres

To Miasaki

To Honorable Miasaki

I realize that it might be considered dishonorable to run from a battle when ones comrades are in dire need. Please follow my line of thought. In a battle that is being rapidly lost there are two outcomes. One that the battle is lost or it will turn around and the battle will be won. In the case of the former I wish to be informed so that I may do what needs to be done to make things as right as I may with the families of the fallen. If the latter then your compatriots will still be alive and the knowledge that you possess, IE the map and the locations on it, will only lead to their further harm. In either case the most prudent course is for you to do your utmost NOT to be captured at any cost. INcluding running from battle.

Can you see my point?

As to your pursuer…

I have hesitated to inform you for your own sake. It is easy to have your imagination run away with conjecture. No doubt there is ample conjecture now however. There are numerous layers between the pinnacle of evil and those that pursue you. But I know for a fact that it is none other than the King of Blood himself that has targeted this expedition. (ooc this is the equivilant of saying that an undead Hitler is after you and having it be plausible) I say this not to frighten you but to impress upon you the seriousness I take my admonishment for you to keep yourself safe. As of right now all the enemy knows is that I have a old map and that I MAY be heading toward something they wish me not to find. This will keep them guessing as to our path. With the map, OR your knowledge of it, they will know precisely where and what our targets are.

So I must repeat. Keep your head down and yourselves convieniantly “lost” within the ruins. If the worst happens. RUN.

Trusting in your understanding.




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