L'gy'hx Box


It was a wooden box with strange markings on it. The inside of the box co-locates with a Twin box on the Sphere L’Gy’Hx. One can put something in the box in one location and it can be taken out at the other. It is perhaps 8 inchs long by 6 inchs wide and about 4 inchs deep inside.

Currently there are 4 items that were once held inside.

The Worrystone: A small smooth stone that allows contact with The Raven Queen

The Silver Broach: An intricate broach that allows contact with Drathira, The moon goddess and her servants the Moon men .

The Crystal Rod: a 7 inch long rod of solid pure crystal. It allows contact with Archangels in the outer planes.

A golden lotus flower: Summons an astral sending of Onuban

All of these beings will be willing to talk and perhaps answer questions. But all have their prices and their own motivations.


L'gy'hx Box

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