The Pegasus


Melantha, Zhanon, Mechi And Adrianne combined make up the personification of The Pegasus.

Representing “the lovers” they represent the combining of all five great powers with each other. respesctivly they represent The Abyss, The Dao/Way, The Logus, and The Pattern. Together with their Male counterpart Raven who represents Distinctness these ladies act to connect all the grand powers with each other.

And Yes, they were at one time all romantically linked with Corbadesh and he, as usual broke up with all of them.

Currently Melantha is the wife of Sebastian and the mother of Jessica and Grand mother to Princess Solace

Zhanon is a “force ghost” that currently resides in Arbor.

Mechi is currently a “free agent” in the Courts of Chaos but is mother to Jyllianne

Adrianne was recreated by Serpent and was the “mother” of the very first Chaosites. She still resides in The Serpant’s eye in her pocket realm of Ember and is very fond of Elliot, The Serpant of Chaos.


The Pegasus

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