Lara Ravanni

Sehanine, Selene, and all the other members of the Council of the Moon


The daughter of Bultar and Felicity
She has a half-sister Maggie the Red And She has divided herself into 8 separate beings that have an internal comunication with each other.

They are:

Mana , in Valhalla serving as Baldar’s first Valkirie in Valhalla, ( Earth’s dreaming)(Full Moon)

Clair De’Lune , In Las Vegas, “Earth”. Running the Ravanni criminal empire.(Waning Gibbous)

Selene ,In Calais, in a shadow outside of the Burl, Consort to Corwin of Amber (Waxing Gibbous)

Sehanine ,Living on the moon of Tuteck, Called Lox, outside the Burl. The Moon men are her servants(First Quarter)

Drathira ,Goddess of the Moon inside of the sealed “obilette” Named Kosm(Waxing Cresent)

Elpheba ,In Oz (Last Quarter)

Shion ,In Atlantis on Blue, Married to Kuros, god of the wind and thought. (Waning Cresent)

And lastly they are joined by “Tunuvial,princess of fae" a relative , who has taken over most of the day to day functions of the sisterhood ( new moon)

Lara Ravanni

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