Player races will be ONLY the races in the first players handbook. Only NO elves may be played.

Also: Tieflings must ALL be Lawful Good and and tend toward defenders and healers. Humans MUST be barbarians and only be martial or primal characters.

Human Barbarian Tribes:

Tribes of the Children of the Wolf: All tribes have..

2d6 telepathy,only wolves(incant,communication only) Survival + one in home area

People of the Wicker: Farmers who live on the wide prairie and harvest the abundant grain. They live in mud(adobe) huts with sod roofs. They fence in their fields to keep the grazing animals out of them. They make most of their clothes out of the reeds and grass. PS skill weaving +1(makes armor, 3PD),3d6 healing(one minute,focus,) weather prediction 11>, Deduction

People of the Egret: people who live on “docks” on a large lake. They fish and “farm”(gather) along the shore They trade with both the farmers to the north and the migratory tribes that wander the prairie. PS skill fishing +1(Fly,spear, and net) + 1 w/spear, 2d6 entangle(glue grenade p168 ,1chg, “NET”)Extended breathing (2pts), slight of hand.

People of the Elk: Elk herders. They follow the herds of elk on the north to south and back migratory runs. they don’t hunt the elk so much as guard them and cull the weak ones. The herd provides almost everything the tribe needs. dislike the farmers for cutting off grazing lands. Riding, +1 with bow, missile deflection (arrows)

People of the Bison: Buffalo hunters, They ride ponies and use spear and bow to hunt the great bison of the prairie. Nomadic people, they follow the herds. Dislike the farmers for putting up fences.Very territorial and standoffish.Great riders. Riding, +1 with bow or spear,a horse.

People of the Otter: Live on the vine covered hills by a beautiful pristine bay.They make wine, coffee and fish a lot. A very carefree people but they love learning and art. They trade with both the nomads and the farmers Extended breathing(2pts),contortionist, acrobatics, +1 w/sling,1d6 luck.

People of the Mammoth: They live by a wide bay next to scrub land hills. They fish and hunt the great mastodons on occasion by lighting fires and charging them into canyons. Drink lots of coffee that grows in the hills. Trade mainly with the nomads, but a few farmers are making the trek south.The bay usually has a smoky tinge to the air. live by the “bay of smoke” +1 with blades, Teamwork, Tactics, Feign death(+1 ego roll)

People of the Sabertooth: They live on the edges of the planes and roam into the mountain crags. premiere hunters they pride themselves on their fighting prowess. They rarely trade preferring to raid and take when they can. as such they are not well liked by the other tribes. However the are implacable foes of the demon worshipers. +2 with blades, 12pts of martial arts( your choice)

People of the Dragon:They live in the dense rainforest to the north. They fish and gather what they need from the trees and bushes in their wet and verdant land. Don’t have much contact with the other tribes except the Otters. Very concerned with the welfare of all. Peaceful and wise. Stealth, Concealment, Security system(trapping), “dragon fire” Gunpowder(1d6 rka explosive, 2chg)

People of the Whale: They are Island dwellers that live next to the wide ocean. Almost everything they live on comes from the sea. They trade with the Mammoths and Gulls exclusively, And are very remote. They see themselves as being more”pure” than the other tribes. Somewhat more magical than most. Enhanced breathing(2pts),+3” swimming, 2d6 empathy,Climbing,+1 lasso(grab at rng.)

People of the Gull:(the ancient name for Halflings) Small(3’ high) people living on islands near the “Bay of smoke” Expert boatmen. They sail up and down the coast. Their islands are rocky and not much grows so much of what they get is in trade. They have furry feet. Not considered by most tribes as Children of the Wolf. Shrunk,(1 lvl Shrinking, all on) Sailing,+1 slings,+1 DCV, Navigation, Breakfall. They do NOT have the “speak with wolf” power.

People of the Bear:(the ancient name for Dwarves) Small(4’ to 5’) people with beards and longish noses. They live high in the mountains in caves. Independent and insular they rarely venture out to trade. Mighty warriors in their own right they war with the Tigers often. The only PC race that has metal weapons(bronze) Most consider them not to be Children of the Wolf. +5 CON,PS metalworking+1,+1 w/ax, Nightvision.They do NOT have the “speak with wolf” power.


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