There are 10 known Elemental “planes”. In actuality they are simply places in the system that are representitive of each element. Because of the prevalence of “magic” each area does have inhabitants and can be traveled to by those that can protect themselves from the harsh enviroment.

The Positive Plane: The sun. The god known as Pelor actually resides here as well as his other domain…

The Plane of Fire: This is the “lit” planet Jupiter, now technicaly something of an extremely low mass “brown dwarf” Known as the second sun by those who live in the 12 Spheres. Green , Yellow , The Feywild ,and The Sea all orbit the Plane of Fire.

The Plane of Air: Is Saturn or at least a large area of clear air deep under the cloud tops. Grey orbits The Plane of Air.

The Plane of Water: Is within Neptune. The fusion points that provide heat and light to The Islands and Azur sun actually rain down water into the center of Neptune. Freezing toward the surface and boiling toward the center of the planet, there is none the less a vast ocean of liquid that has formed deep beneath the cloud tops of the blue planet.

The Plane of Earth: Is deep under the surface of the moon. Geologically in stasis it is solid rock with very few cracks. Some creatures make use of ancient mines. But most simply merge with the hard stone itself.

The Negitive Plane: The far vacume of space itself. Intrestingly one can go to all the spheres through the Negitive Plane.

The Demi-Planes:

The Plane of Radience: Is the “daylight” side of Black always in the burning gaze of the the Positive Plane.

The Plane of Magma: The deep interior of Yellow All sorts of liquid rock churning beneath the populated “frozen” (to the inhabitants of the plane anyway) surface.

The Plane of Mud: Deep inside Blue All kinds of intresting geological activity.

The Plane of Ice: Is the shattered “Oort” cloud out by the fringe of the system.


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