The Burl

The Thousand Worlds contains modern-day Earth and the 12 Spheres, and is itself contained within the Burl. Currently the Thousand worlds are considered “outer planes” by the people of the 12 Spheres. This is where The Warden gods reside. There are also places within the Burl that are known as the Elemental planes . Another significant portion of the Burl is The Dreaming , a liminal space and time that surrounds the Thousand Worlds, nominally connecting it to the rest of the Yggdraverse. All of the Burl is seemingly guarded by the Pantheon and by The Worthingtons. Many races reside here.

As is normal for liminal space/time, the Dreaming can take many forms depending on who is traveling – though some posit that the Dreaming is simply vast enough to contain all those possibilities and it’s simply a matter of where you enter. One more or less permanent location within The Dreaming is the Valley of the People of the Dragon. The Valley is home to Jake, also known as the Old Wolf, who keeps the prophecies about demons.

Just as there are very few who can traverse outside of modern-day Earth into the Thousand Worlds, there are also very few who can traverse from the Thousand Worlds out to the Yggdraverse. It used to be possible to project one’s self into the Dreaming and from there escape the Burl, but those paths were shut down by a young goddess named Amelia. Travelers who die in the Dreaming will also die in the “waking world”, but souls thus lost in the Dreaming will stay as they are, for as long as someone remembers them – even if it is simply other dreamers. Two Dreamers together could thus attain a sort of immortality.

With the paths through the Dreaming shut down, there are now only 12 “keys” to go into and out of the Burl. The 12 keys are:

The “Key of Light” Held by Lara Ravanni [was held by Felicity and before that by the Queen of Darkness]
{ The Key of Light can open a doorway (ANY existing doorway) and change where it leads to wherever the wielder wishes , as long as the wielder has a good idea of where she wishes to go}

The “Lock of Radiance” Held by Zarrura . It was held By Empress’s Daughter Genevieve (Previously by Prince Norman/Spiney)
{The Lock of Radiance makes the wielder Immune from the boundary of the “Prison House” and thus lets the wielder be able to use “mundane” travel powers to go in and out of the “Prison House”}

The “Scythe of Darkness” Held by “Death”/ Mychael McBain
{ Allows the wielder to become a “soul” and move back and forth}

The “Shadow of the Past” Held by Nicole Matthews
[Was held by the Destroyer of worlds/Mr Mardhur/Thanos]
{Allows the wielder to literally create Sub- Pocket multiverse as if in a dream. These Sub pocket’s are technically outside yet connected to the “Prison House”}

The “Inferno of Chaos” Held by the Queen of Madness/Ms. Eris/Lorellai {Allows the wielder to be in more than one location at once – effectively letting the wielder by-pass the boundary of the “Prison House”}

The “Sacred Flame of the Heart” Held by Sparrow [was held by the “First Servant”, Before that by the Talsiman]
{Allows the wielder to Burn/Destroy their form and rise, phoenix like, outside the boundary. }

The “Tear of the Ocean” Held by Wes. [Was held by Marina, before that by Melisae/ Natalia, before that by Trent.]
{Creates a gate like those used in the 1000 worlds. But this one CAN take you outside.}

The “Stream of Continuity” Held by “Time” Continuity, Who was once Cassidy
{The wielder has always been outside the boundary, just as they have always been inside}

The “Feather of Consciousness” Held by Amelia [was held by Ben Adams]
{Allows the wielder to leave the “Prison House” in their dreams and also to activate certain machines (Amelia’s Plane is one) to travel outside the boundary}

The “Puzzle of the Winds” Held by Agamemnon Worthington The leader of The Worthingtons
{Allows the wielder to leave part of his soul outside or inside the boundary “tricking” the boundary into not recognizing that he exists. (Worthington leaves his soul outside – thus, to the “Prison House”, He is never within the boundary}

“Maruk’s Crystal orb of the All Seeing Eye” Held by Leonard, the cursed (held by Eden, Truth originally)
{Allows the wielder to simply teleport to wherever he can see.}

The " Idol of the Elements" Held by Onuban (Previously by The Wanderer/The Cowboy/the Huntsman [also known as Tetro])
{The wielder is actually the whole of the “Prison House” and this allows the wielder to shift their perception to see and interact with the outside multiverse}

Onuban’s daughter is Mychelle , Guardian of the magic in the 12 spheres for her father.

The Burl

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